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Household materials choose to buy flannel fabric which is good?

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Flannel is a special suede fabric that is widely used. How about flannel? The question, however, is that many friends don't understand the fabric. For the drawbacks of some suede fabrics, how about flannel? When in doubt, the characteristic of this kind of fabric is not to be introduced.

    1、Flannel is a foreign term, which is one reason many friends don't understand flannel fabrics. The fabric was originally from the UK, and was woven with a rough wool yarn, with a full layer of fluff in the middle. The whole fabric feels very soft, and the nap is evenly covered and tightly woven. These are only preliminary ideas for flannel, which will be detailed below

    2、Suede fabric when the choose and buy, wool and hair removal is one of the most worrying problem for some suede fabrics, suede sparse, nap hard or wool, doubt flannel fabrics? Understandable. Here to show that, compared with other suede, flannel adopted wool fiber raw material, after dyeing first, then mixed with grey wool, after mixing all textile is melange yarn, generally using plain weave and twill fabrics have very good warmth and softness

    3、Flannel has a very wide range of USES, mainly because the fabric has many advantages, after a tedious spinning process, the finished fabrics, suede is very thick, feel is also very soft, fabrics middle-tier fleecy make suede is very exquisite, absolutely no other fabrics in hard, twill textile craft, make the fabric of villi arranged very closely, not weave; The dyeing of the textile before the textile has made the fabric color and pattern bright and clear, the phenomenon that does not appear to fade. How about the flannel fabric? It goes without saying

    4、From raw materials to textiles, we have a clear understanding of flannel fabric and the question of the flannel fabric. It is believed that flannel is worth the warm fabric that is worth having, whether it is warm, soft, and timely

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