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Flannel and velveteen are different flannel and coral wool

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We usually in bed is tasted of choose and buy when also will need a lot of different materials and fabrics, bed is tasted, different fabrics, bed is tasted in comfort, tactility and warm degrees are different. Just like when we are choosing a blanket, often will meet two kinds of fabric, flannel blankets and coral fleece blankets, blanket so that these two kinds of fabrics? Let's take a look at the difference between flannel and coral.


Flannel bed is tasted

    What is flannel

    Flannel is a loan word, the word with a soft ZhiZhi of carded wool yarn and wool fabric with suede, generally refers to the domestic melange ZhiZhi of carded wool yarn, with clip flower style of woolen fabrics, clean the inside a layer plump fine hairs covering, feel soft and smooth. Flannel production part wool dyeing first, after wool mixed with part of the primary, blending spun melange yarn and woven fabric after milling, hair finishing, mostly USES the twill weave, useful also plain weave. The raw materials are usually wool viscose and mixed with a small amount of nylon fiber


Coral fleece

    What is coral wool

    Coral wool is a new type of fabric made from polyester fiber. Due to the high density of the fibers, the coral is a kind of coral, and the color is colorful, so the name is coral wool. Coral fleece due to the weaving principle will be slightly off, but can't afford to coral fleece ball, do not fade, not allergic, absorbing water performance is good, no stimulation to the skin, and fine texture, soft, beautiful shape, color is rich. In recent years, there has been a lot of coral bedding on the market, such as coralline wool blankets, quilts, pillows and suite series.




The difference between flannel and coral wool:

1, before weaving is the wool flannel fabric after dyeing craft, join the beige wool blended woven, using the plain weave and twill weave skill, at the same time after milling and processing, hair weaving products have the characteristics of the soft and tight. Coral fleece fabric used polyester fiber as raw materials, weaving process is mainly through the heating, deformation, cooling, finalize the design, such as weaving process are improved year by year and upgrading, constantly adding new technology, make the fabric more rich administrative levels feeling and rich color.

2, from raw material choice, the raw materials with the coral fleece flannel with wool used in polyester fiber are very different, can be found from manufactured goods, flannel fabrics more thick, the density of wool cloth with soft nap is very close, the nap of the coral fleece density relatively sparse, because the cause of the raw material, the villi feel is also slightly different, feel is more exquisite and soft flannel, at the same time, the thickness and warmth retention property of the fabric is different, the wool as raw materials of flannel more thick, more warm.


Coral fleece

    Flannel and coral wool which is good

    1、Flannel wool is more delicate and dense, and the wool is thick and thin. So coral fleece is easy to lose and flannel is easy to lose.

    2、The flannel is heavier, which means it will be thicker, but the coral wool blanket is more warm and comfortable, and it is easy to clean and not deformable

    3、Coral fleece blanket the surface of the positive of coral fleece small particles, and the surface of the flannel is more smooth hair, the difference of the surface, more intuitive to reflect on two blankets handle, flannel blanket surface is more soft


Coral fleece

    4、The same pattern, the coral wool fabrics will appear blurred, flannel fabrics will be clearer and bright. In price, flannel is a new product, and it is also higher for process requirements, so the price is a little more than the coral

    Through the compare of the above, we can see the flannel and coral fleece to not say flannel is relatively better, and more liked by the people, the simple sense of flannel, comfort, appearance is slightly better than coral fleece

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