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Hebei hengshui v-one (hai shun) garments co., LTD is located in the south of the capital Beijing - hengshui, hebei province, was founded in 2004, specialized in high-grade knitted fabrics production and export, professional high-grade knit pajamas series production and export, exports to 8 million dollars. Major markets: Japan, Spain, Germany, the United States.

In my company's strength in the industry advantage:

On their own research and development design of Europe and the United States, Japan pajamas series popular style

New type of fabric used in the research and design on its own pajamas series

Weaving, dyeing, garment one-stop garment processing, there is a market price competitive advantage.

Has its own brand of "black swans" Europe and the popular pajamas series spot wholesale.

Company was set up for 12 years, have a scientific management team, mature fabrics, pajamas series production and sales experience.

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Headquarters: 2 building, 3101-3105, tai xinshang, xinhua west road, hengshui city, hebei province
Clothing factory location:Hengshui city, hebei province, the former mill head town taoyuan village east
Fabric factory location:An industrial park in ruxi village, shaoxing, zhejiang province
Alibaba store:https://huashunzhiyi.1688.com/
Alibaba international store:https://huashunzhiyi.en.alibaba.com/